Keeping chickens is a very pleasurable and rewarding experience and they are suited to just about any sized yard, making them the perfect pet for any size family.

Not only do chickens provide lovely fresh eggs but fantastic manure for the garden too. They are great for keeping on top of bugs and insects outside and a good way of recycling fresh food scraps.

If you are new to keeping chickens or need some tips you will find detailed articles on this page to give you a helping hand!

Raising Chickens

Raising chicks can be exciting and rewarding and does not need to be too difficult. But the most important thing is heat, if chicks get too cold they will die. There are two ways of raising chicks either with a broody hen by placing the young chicks... Read More


When you collect or have eggs posted out it is important to let your eggs settle for 24 hours, ideally next to your incubator. This way the egg can reach ambient temperature. When storing eggs for hatching you should always store them pointy end down... Read More

General Maintenance

All chickens require a balanced diet it is a myth that they can produce eggs to their fullest ability on scraps and free ranging. For optimum health and output they require a good clean source of pellets buying a layers pellet is a good option for... Read More


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We can supply most of your requirements to look after your poultry. This includes Feeders, Drinkers, small bags of feed, dust extracted Shavings by the bale, Brooder Lamps and Ceramic Heat Globes ideal for day old chicks.

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